Find-your-light With so many digital photos taken on our iPhones of ourselves at every given moment, it’s important we don’t miss the fundamentals…. It’s all about the light!!

It was my sister’s wedding recently and it reminded me it’s all about finding your light! My iPhone 4S was a saviour at taking loads of photos fast but the most important thing in looking good (along with fab hair and makeup) is the light… With so much emphasis on what everyone does after taking the photo (Instagram) it’s the light that still makes the biggest difference. Every photo I took I made sure I or my friends were facing the light.

If it’s a daytime event, I find where the light is coming from and face that way, like in the shot above…. this will even out your complexion and avoid harsh shadows on the face.

For evening it’s the same – find a light source that faces you and avoid standing under down lights. They are the most difficult lights to be photographed under and not that great to sit under for dinner either. No one wants dark circles under their eyes whether in shot or not.

While these shots below are not the most glamorous pics of me while shopping, they show the importance of how just finding the light can make a difference…. and how dangerous downlighting can be!
Same place, I just found the light!

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